Since the Spirit of Prophecy advises us to eat plain nourishing food, & it is best to eat 2 meals a day with breakfast being the largest meal, (& if supper is necessary, it should be light, like fruit) to eat fruits for breakfast & vegetables for lunch (except for lemons & limes), to put 5-6 hrs. between eating meals & not to eat between meals, to eat a variety throughout the week, but not to eat a large variety at one meal, & to discard the use of flesh meats, milk products, cheese, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, hot peppers & spices (except for a little ginger & herbs), caffeine, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, vinegar (or anything fermented), & anything hurtful or injurious to our bodies in the last days, we thought it would be helpful to make a recipe website that corresponds to this prophetic diet. Therefore, you will find these recipes to be healthy substitutes. For instance, the cheese sauce is healthy cheese sauce with no cheese in it, & the pickles are healthy pickles with no vinegar in them.

Because the Spirit of Prophecy says many will become confused when giving the Loud Cry Final Warning Message to the world, and that in this time of peril the Holy Spirit cannot bring to remembrance what has not been already stored in the mind, we created our Loud Cry Scripture memory website called To correlate our recipe website with our Bible memorizing website, we chose the complimentary name

It is our hope that RecipeRICH recipes (along with plenty of exercise, fresh air, sunshine, sleep, water, temperance & trust in God) will help clear your mind & body with healthy recipes, easily accessible by just clicking on the recipe picture to get to the recipe, which will give you more time to memorize and prepare for the Loud Cry & Jesus soon return, because Jesus loves you & so do we.

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